Monday, February 11, 2013

John & Gordy's Media World remembers Big Sky Theatre movie show.

John: "The Night Owl Movie officially came to an end, making way for The Big Sky Theater, in tribute to the outdoor theater of the same name where Fox 47 is now located. We pretended to be concession guys on a budget. See the special appearance of New Orleans Takeout's John Russos, who came by for some campaign contributions. Gordy pursues PM Magazine's Sarah Van Allen, stopping her from taking our sponsor away."

Gordy: "OK, I have to admit that during this time period, I had a crush on Sarah Van Allen..(so did a lot of guys!)..I had briefly worked with her at WTSO/Z-104 when she was a night time DJ on WTSO...John & I were thrilled she agreed to do this little comedy bit on the show...People in Madison probably remember her best as a TV spokesperson for Smart Toyota...She eventually moved to Sacramento, California and had a successful career as a KCRA-TV anchor named Sarah Gardner..."