Monday, February 4, 2013

John & Gordy with Sly

John: "Here's a fun interview with Sly, who at the time, was doing the morning show at WIBA-FM. He replaced be after new management came in and fired me for being to controversial. Really?

We both haven't changed much over the years either...okay, maybe in the looks department, but that's it. Sly is now back on the air at Big FM, 93.7 WEKZ in Monroe, Wisconsin. The show is now called "Driving Home with Sly."

Gordy: "When I first met Sly, he was doing overnights at 92FM-WMAD (this was the first time I worked there, about 1982) the air, Sly was a funny, sarcastic guy-we got along fine...on-air, he was a serious FM rock jock, but he wasn't ready to speak his mind on the air much yet-that wasn't the format we had anyway...he found his voice years later when WIBA-FM let go of John for being "too controversial" and replaced him with Sly, who they thought would be "safe" and would just "shut-up and play the music"...the rest is history..."

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