Thursday, February 7, 2013

John & Gordy take a look back at Triple M radio.

John: "We reveal a behind the scenes peak at Gordy's "Thought for the Day," his morning radio feature on Triple M, that most people couldn't wait to hear. Check out the staff in the early days at a Halloween open house, after Gordy and I ushered in Triple M's current block buster format. Unfortunately, we quickly wore out our welcome with the sales department. It was ugly."

Gordy: "This is bizarre for me to watch, because I have absolutely no memory of this open house Halloween party at Triple could be that at this point in our career, John had resorted to using an imposter playing my part...I wouldn't put it past him... I remember virtually nothing of the radio station...the deejays were all cool, but the rest of the place was like working in an alien world..."

This is one of those rare moments where an advertiser hired us to host Super Bowl 27, at Babes.

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