Sunday, February 10, 2013

John & Gordy Night Owl Movie 3 a Retrospective of Pops.

John: "Night Owl Movie's were horrible, so Gordy and I did everything we could to distract away from the main attraction. We took a look back at the 60's, when we first interviewed the owner of RR1 Popcorn. Very groovy. But Gordy grilled our sponsor and practically ran him off the set.

By the way, that was my actual apartment at the time, and my huge spool top table."

Gordy: "Sorry, I just about peed my Depends watching this clip!...

What's really amazing when I think about this, is how much the management at Fox 47 let us get away with, mainly because it was aired late at night...they were happy that we had a sponsor, and we got away with murder...(yes, we actually murdered a few people in the crew over the years...but that's another story..)"

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