Saturday, February 2, 2013

John & Gordy get the inside scoop about Gordy's exit from Fox 47.

John: "After a bumpy start, John & Gordy get back on track with a true rumor, confirmed by the Gord-ster. Goodbye Fox 47 and the Kids Club? He broke the hearts of so many children, and left a cast of puppets unemployed at a time when puppet jobs were tanking."


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  1. A great little clip here, John & I never had any fear about talking about our careers...I was leaving 47 and a couple of months later, I became a weatherman at WMTV-NBC 15, Madison to work with Elmer Childress, Pam Tauscher, Jeanan Yasiri, Mitch Henck...but, I still feel bad for Francois Fox at 47...whatever happened to him??