Thursday, February 7, 2013

John & Gordy spread rumors and review movies.

John: "We often times exposed those media celebs who made the news involuntarily, all the while keeping their identity a secret...kinda. See for yourself. What I forgot these many years was how cutting edge we were, for pretty much introducing radio talk guys to cable access. Remember Chicago's Steve and Garry?

We also showed movie clips and gave brief reviews that made viewers flock to Siskel and Ebert for something better. Mission accomplished."

Gordy: "I always thought John's movie reviews were spot on...especially on the radio "Johnny at the Movies" was great, every time...There was never any doubt about whether he liked a film or not, and the production values of the review were top-notch...the music, the clips...great stuff.

As far as Steve & Garry goes...we were well aware of what they were doing, but we never copied them. We just really, really liked working with each other, and had so much fun...there was no need to copy anybody..."

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