Saturday, February 2, 2013

John & Gordy with Pam Tauscher.

John: "WMTV's News Scene 15 anchor Pam Tauscher stopped by without co-host Rick, and puts up with a whole lot here as we struggled to make sense of her appearance. Gordy seems to be a bit angry here as well, and beats up on Pam. Our belated apologies."


  1. Yeah..Just to set the record straight, I don't think I was angry at Pam, but I'm pretty sure I was mad at John about something from the previous week, but who knows?...Time heals all wounds...I probably was upset that Rick Featherston didn't show up, because I was counting on him picking up the tab at the Laurel after the show...fat chance!

  2. This is what spring boarded my career into the fast lane! Thank God for John and Gordy! (That and my fine choice of hairstyles!)