John's Early Cable Access Years

Monday, August 17, 2020

John & Gordy's Media World, Rumors, Movie Clips, Ursula, and Clair.

 Here's another little slice of the show featuring the rumor of the week, a few movie clips and short reviews, Ursula Understands, and radio caller Clair. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

John & Gordy's Media World, Gordy at Large: To Art, or not Too Art?

 A rare "Gordy at Large" segment featuring a Willy St. couple of artists. 

John & Gordy's Media World Baraboo Rap fishing song.

 Fishin' musicians, this is for you...The Baraboo Rap:

John & Gordy's Media World O'Bros Theme Tribute

I had to include the entire O'Bros song for Media World, which was a takeoff of Spooner's Mean Old World. I will always regret not making this the alternating theme intro for the show:

John & Gordy's Media World Francois Fox and Cow Chip Competition

This is a special show for me, because to some small degree I get to live out my dream job; hosting and talking to children's show puppets. Fox 47's wise cracking Francois Fox adds commentary to our other guest's uniquely Wisconsin event, the Cow Chip Throwing competition. 

John & Gordy's Media World The Onion's Scott Dikkers

Here's a rare appearance of one of the Onion's founders and cartoonist Scott Dikkers, back in the early days of the paper:

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

John & Gordy's Media World full episode Rick Murphy and Johnny Danger.

 Another full episode of previously posted interviews. Happy Cowboy Rick Murphy and Johnny Danger.

John & Gordy's Media World Full episode Heinen and Reichenberger

This is a full show, unedited, of previous posts featuring Neil Heinen and Joel DeSpain, along with Visions owner Al Reichenberger.

Monday, August 10, 2020

John & Gordy's Media World, Visions revealed

Never a cable show to shy away from controversy, we got a lot of back history on Vision's, Madison's strip club, from owner Al Reichenberger. But times changed... 

Isthmus: There’s a criminal class in Madison now. Bad actors walking around with guns and drugs,” says Reichenberger. “We didn’t have to deal with those people before.”

Reichenberger says it’s a problem at every nightclub, not just the ones for gentlemen. “Visions didn’t change,” says Reichenberger. “The world did.”

John & Gordy's Media World, Ursula Understands

Who could forget the Ursula Understands advice columns in Isthmus and the Capital Times. Without her advice, is it any wonder why we're more confused today than ever?

Sunday, August 9, 2020

John & Gordy's Media World, Tour Capital City Distributor of Comics

As a Silver Age superhero comic book reader, not a collector, I was so thrilled to have taken a tour of the Midwest's biggest comic book distributors, Capital City Distributors (Capital Comics). The company loved superheroes, and even published their own comics for awhile, like Nexus, Badger, and Whisper.  

Below my video tour is a Wiki short summary of how 200 people lost their jobs when Marvel decided to distribute their own comics.

1995 saw a major restructuring of the direct market distribution system, caused by Marvel Comics's late-1994 purchase of third-ranked distributor Heroes World Distribution and decision to distribute its titles in-house.[7][8] Faced with the loss of one-third of its business (Marvel's market share) Diamond reacted by outbidding Capital City for exclusive deals with Marvel's main rival DC Comics; and despite intense efforts on the part of Davis and Griepp,[9] Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics as well.

Capital City reacted by suing Marvel for the loss of their business, resulting in a settlement allowing them to continue distributing Marvel product until October 1995[10] (for everyone else, Marvel went exclusive with Heroes World starting in July).[11] In addition, Capital City was able to sign exclusive deals with Kitchen Sink Press, TSR, and Viz Comics—as well as acquiring the Gary, Indiana-based distributor Friendly Frank's.[12] Nonetheless, by 1996 Capital faced the choice between bankruptcy and selling out.

In July 1996 Capital City was acquired by Diamond. At the time of sale, Capital had over $150 million in annual sales.[2] The purchase price was not disclosed, but the acquisition brought an estimated $50 million in sales revenue to Diamond,[13] and effectively awarded Diamond complete control of the comics distribution system.[7] Most of Capital City's 100 employees in Madison and another 100 in Sparta lost their jobs in the deal,[14] though a few key staff members, including co-founder John Davis, joined Diamond's staff.[15]

John & Gordy's Media World, Rich Murphy's Happy Cowboys

The late radio legend and historian Rick Murphy gave Madison so much, including his own music as a member of the Happy Cowboys. We still miss his stories and creativity.

John & Gordy's Media World, Nils Lofgren's Valentine

 Here's a long lost 92 WMAD-FM in studio song by Nils Lofgren, Valentine:

John & Gordy's Media World, ABS Tour.

 Gordy's showbizzy tour highlighting the bright side of bull semen.

John & Gordy's Media World, Francois Fox and Pirate Radio

We got our first call from...a puppet, star of the Fox 47 children's show, Francois Fox. We also feature a visual version of WMAD's Pirate Radio, by Jay Rath.